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Majestique / Dirty Soul


Art Direction & Digital Art

Project Info

Majestique commissioned me via their Dirty Soul label to create artworks for their 3 EP's they would soon release. The idea was that each cover would be 1/3 of the entire artwork created for them. The artwork was inspired by futuristic landscapes combined with bright colors which would match their music perfectly. Majestique is a Dutch production duo that grew up in the mid eighties. After they ran into each other, they discovered a shared passion for strange chords, running arpeggiators and dusty drum computers. A passion that is possibly programmed in their brains by influencers like Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder. With sudden access to unlimited analog machines, it felt like a higher power was trying to tell these guys it was time to create something timeless in a digital era where music is consumed so quickly.